Personal Care
We can provide personal care starting from getting up in a morning and preparing for the day such as helping with bathing, dressing undressing and all other assistance needed for preparing for the day or retiring for the night.

Food Preparation
Our carers can help to prepare and serve meals so that fresh, wholesome hot food is available when you or your loved ones want it. We care very much about what you require and listen to our clients when it comes to their requirements.

Care Connect can help with convalescence where care may be needed following an illness, or a stay in hospital. Please contact a member of our team to discuss this in more details as there is quite a lot to discuss in this area. We are happy to help.

Days Out/Shopping
Care Connect Carers can accompany you on days out so that you have the freedom to come and go as you please, to visit friends or go shopping for example. Our Carers have experience in a variety of days out. Contact us today.

Night Sleep Carers
Care Connect can provide night sleep carers who will settle the client for the night, then sleep on the premises in case of need and to reassure the client. In the morning, the client will be assisted in dressing, washing, and breakfast can be prepared.

Wake & Watch
If someone needs attention throughout the night then a wake and watch service may be more suitable, where the carer remains awake to attend to their requirements. This is suitable for a variety of clients, contact us for more information.

Extra Cover Care
Care Connect offer Care for you if you need help with a loved one. Perhaps you care for someone and need a little respite yourself. Care Connect can provide a carer for any period you require. Just get in touch today to see how we can help.

Live In Care
Where continual care is needed for someone who cannot or may not wish to be alone and need the company of another person in the house, a live in service may be the answer. Care Connect can help you with this service.

Who can receive this service?

This service is available to:

  • Older people and people with dementia
  • People with physical difficulties
  • People with sensory difficulties
  • People with mental health difficulties
  • People with learning difficulties


How do I access this Service?

Please give us a call on 0161-763 4228, we will carry out an assessment to look at what you can do and what you need help with. An assessment identifies your social care needs where we decide what, if any, care and support you need to help live your day to day life, as defined by the Care Act 2014. It is carried out through a meeting between yourself, a trained assessor, any relevant family members, carers or an advocate.

Our care process

Stage 1

Pick up the phone and call our Bury office on 0161 -763 4228 for no obligation chat. A member of our friendly home care team will discuss your specific requirements with you and get to know your personality and preferences. They will provide information on the services that are available to you, as well as an outline of costs and various funding options available.

Stage 2

We will arrange for a Senior Member Care Staff to visit you and carry out a comprehensive assessment of your personal needs. Following this visit, a full package will be offered.

Stage 3

We will finalise your support plan with you and representatives, making sure you are happy with every aspect of that planning process.

Stage 4

We will identify suitable healthcare professionals to support you in-line with your support plan and arrange for you to meet them to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Stage 5

Your person centred service commences.


What can Care Connect Bury Ltd do for you?

Care Connect Bury Ltd are designed to offer you, the support you need to maintain your wellbeing and to continue to live longer at home and in the community as independently as possible. We aim to provide care to suit your individual requirements; the care you need will be customised to suit your lifestyle; it can be as little or as much as you wish; the quality will not alter; it can be long term or short term, it really is up to you.

• manage your personal care, such as showering, getting dressed and help with using the toilet
• assist with medication and some low level health tasks
• keep yourself safe
• prepare a meal and drink and assisting eating and drinking
• participate in your local community
• maintain your home, such as laundry, housework and gardening
• collect your pension and shopping.


How much will the service cost?

If you are already receiving care through your local council they will have carried out financial assessment for cost of your care and assigned you a personal budget. You can ask them to give your personal budget money to you in the form of a direct payment, allowing you to purchase care to meet your needs. A direct payment is paid directly to you or to your representative, preferably in the form of a pre-loaded card or into a bank account or the bank account of someone else you choose, to allow you to purchase care to meet your needs and outcomes. If you are private paying customer we will cost your care package and give you the best value for your money. Costs will be discussed with you at your Care Planning Assessments.


What can you expect from us

We will:

• ensure that staff are: welcoming, courteous, professional, make you feel safe and present themselves with I.D
• respond to your questions as quickly as possible and give you clear answers
• encourage you to do as much for yourself to maintain your independence
• work out with you how best to achieve what you want
• try to make sure you have the same set of care workers wherever possible
• ask you what you think about your home care service, so you can have a say in the service you receive

Providing quality care within the home and community